National Council of the United States

Assistance from the National Council

In general, the office of the National Council provides leadership, technical assistance, management training, and resource development. The National Council enables Councils and Conferences to better devote their own resources to serving their communities and seeks to develop and promote innovative strategies that address human needs and social justice.

To secure assistance, contact the nearest Catholic Church in your community and ask if they have a Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference in their parish or know of one in the vicinity.  Or, look for "Society of St. Vincent de Paul" in your local White Pages.  You may also visit our Assistance and Service page to find links to locations across the United States. 

 The National Office is located at:

58 Progress Parkway
Maryland Heights, Mo. 63043-3706
PH: 314-576-3993
Fax: 314-576-6755

International Council General

International Council General
6, rue de Londres
75009 Paris, France
+33-153 45 87 53

National Council Office Staff

Executive Staff
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
David Barringer
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 200
Executive Administrative Associate
Sherry Brown
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 200

Governance & Membership
National Director of Governance & Membership Services
Pamela Hudson (Johnson)
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 214
 National Membership & Extension Manager
Julie Witzel
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 221

Finance, Personnel & Facilities
Chief Financial Officer
Nancy Pino
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 202
Senior Director of Finance, Personnel
and Facilities

Laura Kamper
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 205
International Twinning Coordinator
& Accounting Assoicate

Elizabeth Martinez
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 225

National Formation Director
Sr. Kieran Kneaves
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 207

Poverty Programs
National Director of Poverty Programs
Thomas Mulloy
[email protected]
314-576-3993  EXT 215 

Stores Support
Stores Support Director 
Lori Bedwell
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 224

Contact Information

Development Department
Chief Development Officer
Steven Martinez
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 213
National Manager of Corporate
 and Donor Relationships

Karen S. Lanter
314-576-3993 EXT 203
National Director of Fundraising Programs
Nathan Martin
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 218
 Senior Development Associate
Gerri Sample
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 211

Marketing and Communication
National Director of Marketing and Communications
Gary Stevens
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 209
Marketing Communications Specialist
Michelle Boyer
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 219
Events Coordinator
Michele Schurk
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 223

 Information Technology
 Information Technology Director
Wendy VanDeventer-Jones
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 216
Information Technology Specialist
Megan Scanlon
[email protected]

314-576-3993 EXT 212 

 Materials and Sales
Materials/Sales Specialist

Patrick Maessen
[email protected]
314-576-3993 EXT 210

NREP Program
National Re-Entry Program Coordinator

Barbara McPherson
[email protected]

Disaster Services Corporation
CEO Disaster Services Corporation
Elizabeth Disco-Shearer
[email protected]