The Rule and Manual

The RuleWord1.93 MBDownload
ReglaWord2.02 MBDownload
The ManualWord6.08 MBDownload
El ManualWord6.19 MBDownload


Resolutions by CategoryPDF132.39 KBDownload
List of ResolutionsPDF140.30 KBDownload
001 Resolution Numbering Word 23.00 KBDownload
002 Motion LogWord23.00 KBDownload
003 Procedure for Action ItemsWord24.50 KBDownload
004 Board Appointees Assume DutiesWord23.50 KBDownload
005 Who Will Speak for the SocietyWord24.50 KBDownload
006 Unforseen Financial CommitmentsWord24.00 KBDownload
007 Real PropertyWord24.00 KBDownload
008 Buy 100 Shares for International Building Fund Word22.50 KBDownload
009 $56,000 Payment to InternationalWord22.50 KBDownload
010 Approval of MinutesWord22.50 KBDownload
011 Use of Name and LogoWord25.00 KBDownload
012 Accept Donation of HopeWord22.50 KBDownload
013 Non-Catholic Conferences Word24.50 KBDownload
014 Investment AccountsWord24.50 KBDownload
015 Obtain 501 (c)(3) Status for National Council Word23.50 KBDownload
016 Conflict of InterestWord24.00 KBDownload
018 VOP Agenda and FrameworkWord23.50 KBDownload
019 VOP Position Statement on Restorative Justice Word23.00 KBDownload
021 Draft Policy of Executive Limitation Policies Word27.50 KBDownload
023 Draft Policy on Governance Process Policies Word28.00 KBDownload
024 Draft Policy on Governance Process Policies Word 27.50 KBDownload
025 Revised Strategic Plan Word24.50 KBDownload
026A Conciliation ProcessWord40.50 KBDownload
027 Audit Committee CharterWord64.00 KBDownload
028 Audit Committee Best PracticesWord57.00 KBDownload
029 VOP Position Statement on Predatory LoansWord47.00 KBDownload
030 VOP Position Statement on HomelessnessWord46.50 KBDownload
032 Legislative Agenda 2007 Voice of the Poor Word46.50 KBDownload
033 Bylaws Change to Regional Vice PresidentWord47.50 KBDownload
036 Domestic International Twinning AccountWord47.50 KBDownload
037 Approval of National Council Budget 2007Word47.50 KBDownload
038 Create Insurance Administrative Corporation Word 47.50 KBDownload
039 Include Stores Committee in Operational BudgetWord47.50 KBDownload
040 Amend the Whistleblower PolicyWord47.00 KBDownload
041 National Youth and Young Adult Initiative Word28.64 KBDownload
043 Distribution of ResolutionsWord48.00 KBDownload
044 Amendment Process for ResolutionsWord48.50 KBDownload
045 Interest on Regional Fund Accounts Word47.50 KBDownload
046 Amend Bylaws to Include 501 (c)(3) LanguageWord51.00 KBDownload
048 Bylaws for NAS, IncWord49.00 KBDownload
049 Electronic and Non-Electronic Archives Word 49.00 KBDownload
050 VOP Paper on HungerWord47.00 KBDownload
051 VOP Legislative Agenda Word48.00 KBDownload
052 Approval of National Budget 2008Word48.00 KBDownload
053 Friends of the Poor Distribution Word264.00 KBDownload
054 National Fund Development Advisory Board Word49.50 KBDownload
055 Partnership Agreement with Catholic KnightsWord52.00 KBDownload
056 Opening A Line of Credit Word 49.00 KBDownload
057 403 (b) Tax-Defferred Annuity Plan Word151.00 KBDownload
058 Regarding Resolution Amendment ProcessWord49.00 KBDownload
059 Development Advisory BoardWord50.50 KBDownload
060 Application for New Conferences Word152.00 KBDownload
063 Standards of Excellence Procedures Word56.50 KBDownload
064 Questionnaire for CouncilsWord 221.00 KBDownload
065 Questionnaire for ConferencesWord218.00 KBDownload
066 Dialog for Conferences Word223.50 KBDownload
067 Dialog for CouncilsWord234.00 KBDownload
068 National Insurance Budget Funds Word53.50 KBDownload
069 Amended Society's Position on Right to Life Word54.00 KBDownload
070A Amended National Ozanam Orientation Word58.00 KBDownload
071 Minimum Requirements for ExistingTraditional ConferencesWord 194.87 KBDownload
072 Money Market Accounts Word50.50 KBDownload
073 Approval of 2009-2010 BudgetWord48.50 KBDownload
074 Ends Statement for the National CouncilWord 54.50 KBDownload
075 Nepotism Policy for the National OfficeWord 51.00 KBDownload
076 National Archives Word55.00 KBDownload
077 Investment AdvisorWord49.50 KBDownload
078 Car Donation ProgramWord49.50 KBDownload
079 VOP Position Statement on Education Word49.50 KBDownload
080 Bylaw Amendment-IRS Requirements Word50.50 KBDownload
082 Position Statement on Human Trafficking Word54.50 KBDownload
083 RISE Line of Credit Word51.00 KBDownload
084 Covington Leadership ChangesWord110.00 KBDownload
085 CGI Solidarity DuesWord 26.50 KBDownload
086 2011 Presidential ElectionWord58.00 KBDownload
087 Approval of 2010-2011 BudgetWord48.50 KBDownload
088 Approving the Vincentian PathwayWord797.00 KBDownload
089 Regional Vice Presidents Position GuideWord54.50 KBDownload
090 Multicultural CommitteeWord 28.00 KBDownload
091 Protecting ChildrenWord 53.50 KBDownload
092 Governance of ProxiesWord54.50 KBDownload
093 Ozanam Orientation Word57.00 KBDownload
094 Tax Exemption in the BylawsWord68.00 KBDownload
095 2011-2012 Budget Word 48.50 KBDownload
097 Executive Director Title Change Word49.00 KBDownload
098 Amend Resolution 43 Distribution of ResolutionsWord48.00 KBDownload
099 Resolution Tranfer Funds Word53.00 KBDownload
101 Strategic PlanWord 1.40 MBDownload
102 Resolution FOP Walk Transfer Funds Word 51.50 KBDownload
103 Presidental Appointments Word 74.00 KBDownload
104 Revised Council Conference BoundariesWord62.50 KBDownload
106 Resolution ProceduresWord61.00 KBDownload
107 2012-2013 BudgetWord48.50 KBDownload
108 Youth Conferences Solidarity ContributionsWord49.00 KBDownload
109 Distribution of Handouts at National or Regional Meetings Word25.50 KBDownload
110 Authorizing Acquiring NGO Status in HaitiWord52.00 KBDownload
111 Amendment of Bylaws Word27.00 KBDownload
113 Amendment of Model Bylaws Word288.00 KBDownload
114 Resolution of NoncomplianceWord 33.00 KBDownload
114A REVISED Resolution to Amend ResolutionWord34.00 KBDownload
115 Solidarity Contributions Word45.50 KBDownload
116 2013-2014 BudgetWord49.00 KBDownload
117 Amend Resolution National and Model Bylaws to Provide Savings ClauseWord27.50 KBDownload
118 Amend National and Model Bylaws (Termination of Executive Directors Clause)Word26.50 KBDownload
119 Revision of Noncompliance Word40.50 KBDownload
121 Creating a Windfall Bequest and Major Gift EndowmentWord33.50 KBDownload
120 Position Statement on Self Sufficient WagesWord180.50 KBDownload
122 Revised Gift Acceptance PolicyWord1.40 MBDownload
123 Disaster Position Word28.00 KBDownload
124 Affirm the Authority of Bylaws and ResolutionsWord56.00 KBDownload
125 Regarding Haiti Operations FundingWord53.50 KBDownload
127 Pass Through Funding Word 30.50 KBDownload
128 2014-2015 BudgetWord49.00 KBDownload
130 Resolution for Bylaw Typo CorrectionsWord27.00 KBDownload
131 Election of National PresidentWord 51.00 KBDownload
132 2015-2016 Budget Word49.50 KBDownload
132A 2015-2016 BudgetWord50.00 KBDownload
133 Bequest Distribution PolicyWord52.50 KBDownload
133 A Amend Bequest Distribution PolicyWord55.00 KBDownload
134 Solidarity ContributionWord 41.50 KBDownload
135 Financial Reserver RangeWord42.00 KBDownload
136 2016-2017 BudgetWord49.00 KBDownload
137 Tax Exempt StatusWord767.50 KBDownload
137A Tax Exempt Status AmendmentWord52.00 KBDownload
138 Future of Disaster ServicesWord52.50 KBDownload
139 Immigration Position PaperWord56.00 KBDownload
140 Guidelines for Donations and Word133.00 KBDownload
141 Standing and Ad Hoc CommitteesWord50.00 KBDownload
142 Position Statement on DiversityWord54.00 KBDownload
143 Support of Mexican National CouncilWord25.50 KBDownload
144 National Council FoundationWord51.50 KBDownload
145 Foundation BylawsWord250.50 KBDownload
146 National Council Bylaws Disaster Services AmendmentWord25.50 KBDownload
147 Recognition of International President Michael ThioWord24.50 KBDownload
148 2017-2018 BudgetWord49.50 KBDownload
149 Bylaws Disaster Services CorporationWord69.50 KBDownload
150 Funding of Disaster Services CorporationWord25.50 KBDownload
151 Ladies of Charity RecognitionWord25.00 KBDownload
152 Voice of the Poor Environmental Position Paper 2017Word75.00 KBDownload
153 2018-2019 BudgetWord49.00 KBDownload
154 Revisions to National Council BylawsWord50.50 KBDownload
154A Amendment to Revisions to National Council BylawsWord51.00 KBDownload
155 Revisions to the RuleWord51.00 KBDownload
155A Amendment to Revisions to the RuleWord51.00 KBDownload
156 Mission Statement APPROVEDWord51.00 KBDownload
156A Bylaws Revision of Mission StatementWord25.00 KBDownload
157 National FoundationWord51.00 KBDownload
158 Strategic PlanWord1.35 MBDownload
159 International Grant Making PolicyWord30.00 KBDownload

Coaching, Mentoring, Training

1-Conference President TrainingPPT2.12 MBDownload
1-Entrenamiento de los Presidentes de ConferenciaPPT2.12 MBDownload
2-Lider de Servicio y Oficiales de la ConferenciaPPT809.50 KBDownload
2-Servant Leadership and Conference OfficersPPT 811.00 KBDownload
3-Consejos DistritalesPPT540.00 KBDownload
3-District CouncilsPPT536.00 KBDownload
4-A President's Guide to Working with the PastorPPT1.41 MBDownload
4-Guía del President para trabajar con el PastorPPT1.40 MBDownload
5-Asuntos Financieros y LegalesPPT1.27 MBDownload
5-Finance and Legal MattersPPT1.26 MBDownload
Conference Treasurer TrainingPPT935.89 KBDownload
Council President and Executive Director for a Sucessful PartnershipWord51.00 KBDownload
Mentoring AdverstismentWord26.00 KBDownload
Mentoring Program Application PacketPDF394.68 KBDownload
Vincentain Life-ConferenceWord931.18 KBDownload
Vincentian Life-Council Word563.76 KBDownload
Vincentian Life-MemberWord565.45 KBDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: A1-LeadershipLink UnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: A2-Meeting SkillsLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: A4-TeamsLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: A6-Management SkillsLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: A7-Personal DevelopmentLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: B-Conference PresidentLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: D-SecretaryLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: E-Treasurer and Board Members LinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: G-Board MembersLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Pathway Toolbox: H-Council PresidentsLinkUnknownDownload
Vincentian Q & A with IndexWordUnknownDownload

Relationship with the Church

Canon LawsPDF826.72 KBDownload