Goal 5: Establish collaborative relationships with diverse organizations around issues of poverty.

5.1 Vincentian Relationships: Strengthen relationships within the Vincentian Family leadership around systemic change initiatives.
5.2 Exploration: Explore collaboration with Vincentian Family higher education around systemic change strategies.
5.3 Collaboration: Collaborate actively at the national level with Catholic, other faith-based organizations, and secular organizations such as for-profit, nonprofit and governmental entities to make poverty visible.
5.4 Election 2016: Make poverty an important focal point in the 2016 election.


Goal 6: Execute a comprehensive development program for coordinated national and local giving to fund the Society’s mission and values.

6.1 Stewardship Culture: Create a culture of stewardship throughout the Society and the country to address poverty in all its forms.
6.2 Council/Conference Fundraising: Expand fundraising capacity at council/conference levels.
6.3 National Council Fundraising: Expand the fundraising capacity of the National Council.
6.4 Collaborative Fundraising: Identify strategic national partners and work collaboratively toward raising funds that can be used for initiatives to end poverty.